Get me outta here!

Literally a Disaster

This is the main reason why I will never sit behind the wheel to drive! Who gave them permission to drive? These people are totally crazy! They even do not know to park properly. A man or woman who drives a Smart car, thrilled me. Small car means to park where you want and how you want. It’s crazy!
literally a disaster01
literally a disaster02
literally a disaster03
literally a disaster04
literally a disaster05
literally a disaster06
Check out this crazy guy! Traffic camera in Santa Ana, California, caught this. He is really crazy idiot and at the same time the luckiest man alive!
literally a disaster07
literally a disaster08
literally a disaster09
literally a disaster10
literally a disaster11
And, best for the last: I’ve never seen in my life so many traffic without stagnation. In our country there would be at least one or two crashes per minute.