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Still-Life Preformance by Johan Lorbeer

Johan Lorbeer became famous in the past years particularly because of his spectacular “Still-Life” Performances, which took place frequently in the public area. His installations like “Proletarian Mural” and “Tarzan” are famous in Germany, but still unknown internationally. This artist was pointed to us, by our fan Simon, who sent us the original article. I have no idea how these performances were done, it bugs me /a lot) quite frankly! So if you have some knowledge or ideas, be sure to post them under comments! This is what Simon sent us:

German news website Spiegel Online features this nice photo of a performance artist Johan Lorbeer in a still-life-performance” in Krasnojarsk (it’s said to be in Siberia…)! Quite fun to see, and “Johan Lorbeer” on google images reveals many more fun installations. I don’t have a clue how they work! Keep on building the fabulous page!!!