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5 Most Expensive Perfumes of the World

If it wasn’t for fragrance, I wouldn’t have thought about writing like this. But it will definitely amaze you as it did me, the costs at which some of the fragrances, shut up in a bottle could cost you. Of course the costs would be such because of what they consist, but still…
Clive Christian Perfume
It says about Clive Christian, that it is a real jewel and a magnificent accessory for a Queen to wear on herself. It is a mixture of pure and precious flowers from all around the world. The collection used in a rare one and of its purest forms. Not just that makes it what it is, but the lead crystal bottle to keep such a potion is handmade. Too good to be true? Well that is not just about it. The collar part of the bottle is an untainted gold-plated 24 karat, plus sterling silver. It is stamped with one of a kind seal and has an outstanding diamond cut solitaire. Well, that is why the top is twisted after the unique design granted by Queen Victoria herself! The price of this magnificence is simply torturing. It costs just about $215,000. Hurt? Well this is why it is one of the most expensive perfumes in the world!! Clive Christian Perfume has such a grandiose fragrance that it can hypnotize anyone around you. It holds the attitude to make people recognize you with its signature aroma. They say, you try it once but then keep it forever!
18 Carats LUXE Edition Perfume
This yet another classic, pure and luxurious styled eccentric and exclusive smell is probably a rare kind. It rates second in the queue of most expensive perfumes in the world. Why? Because it costs just $57,000. It holds an amazing fragrance which is not just mesmerizing but contains a strange uniqueness. This perfume comes in a very lavish and sparkling pack made of rich and vibrant golden color with a diamond crown to go over the top. This design was made by Noe Duchaufour-Lawrenc. And is available to only honored purchasers. The bottle come in a 100 ml bottle and can also be refilled. It is a blend of blood orange, grapefruit, cinnamon, mint, rose, spices, light leather, white wood, patchouli and amber. Thus it is not made or available for just anyone around, so it comes in a series. Every bottle contains a special designated number which is allotted to its unique buyer.
Ora Ito Perfume Bottle
It was when famous Ito, chose to become a fragrance expert. Well, this perfume bottle s one of the first designs Ito created after he chose his ‘nom de plume’ (a pet name) in 1998. He was the son of Paris’ most famous fashion designer Pascal Morabito. But to carvehis own identity, he came up with a different idea, by not only bringing out a different fragrance but also carving his very own invented name on to a fragrance bottle. So came the name Ora Ito, a name of his own identity. A name which consisted of nothing of his father’s money or connections. The bottle is shaped into a form of a tear, a drop. You could call it a tear drop or a rain drop. It has so elegantly manufactured and consists of such a vibrant aroma to strike anyone numb. This strikingly unique blend of fragrance and features comes third in the row of costs, and is of $45,000.
Les Larmes Sacrées de Thebes of Baccarat
Les Larmes Sacrées de Thebes of Baccarat
Les Larmes Sacrées de Thèbes, a perfume for aroma addicts or perfume fanatics. Simple! The fragrance, which reprises oriental themes, seducing and enrapturing, allow the aficionado uncontrolled option in the work of art. The fragrance is composition of a wild collection. Jasmine, Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Pepper, Cardamon, Basil, Myrtle, Amber, Musk, Sandalwood and Myrrh. The perfume is only available in very limited quantities. It surely is a treasure to keep and worth smelling. It is a nice pour of swirling gorgeous perfume/extract, which is rare. The bottle is probably not as attractive, but is definitely the most expensive one. Its container is the shape of a pyramid, made up of the most expensive mirror glass, with a top made of the finest crystals in the color of purple. It costs $6,800 only.
Notorious (Ralph Lauren Perfume)
Notorious-(Ralph Lauren Perfume)
Notorious might probably seem like an in-expensive one, compared to the above mentioned. But since it still rows the number five in the queue of most expensive perfumes, so it is worth a fact! Notorious is a yet another blend of an ecstasy. It holds a breath taking smell. Although Ralph Loren is a name, a brand more famous for clothing, but it surely conquered the world yet again with its one of a kind fragrance. Notorious has been available at $3,540. It is without a doubt the most audacious, assertive and an addictive dazzling jazz up of deep black currant, self-indulgent chocolate heavens, and corporeal patchouli musk. This provoking ornament of contemporary fragrance that can mutely command the attention of a room costs $3,540.sorce