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Eco Factor: Sustainable houses built from straw.
Earthquakes and skyscrapers are a deadly mix and the devastating results of the mixture have often been seen. A group called PAKSBAB is finding solutions with Pakistan Straw Bale and Appropriate Building, a nonprofit working at developing durable buildings that can be built with limited resources. 

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PAKSBAB has found answers in low-tech houses made from handmade straw bales. The straw houses are developed with a simple jack and form system. The prestressed bails are set on a stone foundation and support a truss roof. The walls are secured with bamboo and netting. Apart from acting as supporting walls, the bails also provide an adequate level of insulation. A 25ft by 25ft building costs a mere $2250. 
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The designers claim that during an earthquake, the building can be damaged but won’t collapse, which means saved lives and resources. 
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Via: Inhabitat/Core77