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Stunning High-Speed Liquid Photography! -Liquid Art & droplet photography

It takes great skill (and good high speed photography equipment) to create such frozen-in-time compositions, revealing the inherent energy, the dynamics of flowing water and the beauty of it all! Some artists substitute water with more viscous liquids, producing even more lava-lamp-like effects. But often just playing with coloring and light is enough to make an effective picture. In this article, we will try to cover a large variety of stunning high-speed liquid photography.
Luiz Luxvich makes startlingly clear images of splashing water

(images credit: Luiz Luxvich)

Water Kiss!

Not mercury, not ice - just water... splendid water:

Woke up one morning, saw this thing crawling toward me across the sink... decided to go to sleep some more -


(images credit: Irene Muller)