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Top 10 Unexpected Reasons Why Osama Is Not Dead

Although the US Government and Al Qaeda both have confirmed that Osama bin Laden is dead, the White House still has not released the pictures of his dead body as many people had asked.  Here are 10 of the reasons why the pictures had not been released. Let’s see what are the reasons…

1 )
Because these photos would upset the American children, who were hoping to grow up and kill Osama bin Laden personally.

2 )
If bin Laden’s pictures were released as some had asked, the same people would then ask to release the Osama’s dead body.

3 )
Donald Trump had not yet asked Barack Obama to release the picture.

4 )
“Our government cannot be trusted” – is what many are saying. Many do not accept what the news shows, or what the governments of US or Pakistan want the world to believe. It is being said that the true picture is completely different.

5 )
Hollywood is already working on a movie about the Navy Seals raid, and there is no better way to end a movie and set up a sequel than with the obvious but unconfirmed death of The Bad Guy.

6 )
Since it’s so easy to fake a picture in Photoshop, it would actually be even more suspicious if the pictures had been released.  And yes, some fake pictures are already online.

7 )
Most people believes that the death of a vicious terrorist has marked the rise of war against terrorism, which will eventually lead to ‘peace’.

8 )
US Government is concerned that after seeing the pictures, the Islamic terrorists may begin hating America.

9 )
The deficit hawks in Congress, who were already extremely displeased with the operation that killed bin Laden because the $25 million reward now has to be added to the nation’s deficit, would have been further incensed with the additional $12.47 bill to print the pictures at Walmart.

10 )
The CIA is still trying to figure out how to remove the red eye in Photoshop.

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