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Unusual Celebrity Deaths

Elizabeth Hartman (actress)
Elizabeth Hartman was a young, slim and energetic American leading lady. She held to her description a display of amazing versatile performances in many films as well numerous television appearances. But things were never good for her from the beginning, and at one time things went terribly wrong for this noticeably sensitive young lady. She was plagued by severe depression and lack of confidence and this came to notice when her once promising career declined sharply within a decade, and she turned into a practical recluse. This affected her mental health and her situation became worse in the later years of her life. Even whilst she was married, she had never been happy. She gave up her acting career and separated from her husband and worked in a museum her. But she never improved. And thus, Hartman committed suicide by falling from the fifth floor window of her apartment.
Rajiv Gandhi (Prime Minister of India-1984 until 1989)
Rajvi Gandhi was killed by a suicide bomber. He was the sixth and the youngest Prime Minister of India. He was often seen as an unenthusiastic leader and in his early life remained aloof from politics despite his family’s political prominence. But once in politics, he made his mark such as being responsible for first overruling and then sending Indian troops for peace efforts in Sri Lanka. It was during one of his campaigns when he got assassinated. He was on his way to the dais to deliver his speech when a woman stopped him, presenting a bouquet and bent to touch his feet, which was actually an act to detonate the explosive, inside the bouquet or under her clothes. The entire place blew up. Rajiv Gandhi, along with many others, was killed in this assassination.
Gianni Versace (clothing designer)
Gianni was an Italian fashion designer, and the founder of Gianni Versace, which produces accessories, fragrances, makeup and home furnishings as well as clothes. Gianni was shot dead at the age of 50 by Andrew Cunanan, a serial killer, just outside his home in Miami. What reasons led to this murder remains a mystery as Cunanan killed himself after a few days, by the same gun. It is though stated in a book written on Versace, which claims that he was murdered over unpaid debts to Calabrian mafia, such as rivers of money from drugs, extortion, protection rackets, loan sharking, mountains of money and it had to be made clean.
Phil Hartman (Philip Edward Hartmann)
Phil Hartman was a Canadian-born American actor, humorist, dramatist, and an explicit performer. He had been divorced twice before he married Brynn, who shot him to death. Brynn was a drug addict and obsessed with cocaine and had trouble controlling her temper. The couple used to fight over this issue where Hartman intensely opposed her addiction. Hartman was murdered the night they had quarreled again and Hartman had threatened to leave her if she did not leave the drug. Brynn fatally shot Hartman twice in the head while asleep. She confessed to the murder but committed suicide after several hours by locking herself in a room.
Steve Irwin “the Crocodile Hunter” (naturalist)
He was a television personality, wildlife expert, and conservationist. Irwin achieved global recognition from one of his very own television series. For all his shows, Irwin did all the search, action and interaction with all sorts of wild and even poisonous animals himself. That is what also caused his death. He was incurably pierced in the chest by a stingray spine while filming his own documentary, Ocean’s Deadliest. Due to certain circumstances there was a delay in filming, which is when Irwin decided to take the opportunity to film a few low-water scenes himself. He was shooting with a stingray, when it abruptly curled and lashed out at him with the spine on its tail, lethally killing him.